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2006 Top Ten Niubi comments

1,モンクレールブーツ, Moonlight, the suspect is the ground frost, I raise my eyes to the moon, my name is Guo Degang! Mm 郭德纲 Quotations
I first pay attention to this person, around early 2004 or so, mainly because of a Beijing radio broadcast his comments on the old and crosstalk, has not generated in the wire before the bridge listening to several of his comic, he is the crosstalk characteristics of some elements of real life, especially the network elements into the traditional scripts. There is irony to restore the sound functions, some meat, and even with an obvious burden of personal attacks and liners are looking back. to live in one fell swoop defeated by Jiang Kun and his ilk window-dressing fake comic. crosstalk and two-person show and other things,ベルスタッフメンズジャケット, is a large secular art, as mouthpiece of the TV, can not give her too many chances. characteristics of the medium, can only produce freaks, such as sketches Guo familiar categories of traditional folk art and the feelings are the basis of his fame, good management, but the lubricant only. In any case, I have to thank GuoDeGang, he used real sense of comic dialogue, comic love my firm determination, although I hate the most pretentious wire are.
2, criminal cop called: Tofu! release of the hostages! surrender! This is your only chance,Moncler Outlet! Internet users, the network because of her many things, I feel very warm. and the most comforting is that she has been engaged in, very few special messed spoof. learn to write and draw, and then join the national and popular elements, as well as film dramas in China right way.
3,1644 June 6, Manchu invaded Beijing, China for the future made outstanding contributions to the drama. mm a Shanghai poet says of drama nowadays clear flooding.
this man should open column or to do over, he will make numerous columnists or nonsense on television sociologist door eclipsed. If I compile the history of television, it must be opened specifically for this sentence chapter.
4, I have long, quite beautiful, but also a single, impossible for a man I'm not interested,モンクレールバッグ Lujing blog! I dare to wear other people not to wear, others dare not say,モンクレール 日本, I dare say, others do not, I dare! I like a peach, and Wong Kar-wai is a juicer. mm Quotations
Zhang Ziyi looks or attitude to life, whether she is more in line with Western aesthetics and values, she looks to conquer the West with the East, with Western simple East rampant jungle, she succeeded.
5, do not ask his wife within the Foreign Affairs will not ask Google! mm
short quotations users, Baidu how shameless ah.
6, son new space, I global pass!
mm for the launch of China Unicom has to do the spokesperson Jay's grandfather, known as Yao Ming,Belstaff Outlet is an unfamiliar number., his father,モンクレール女性ジャケット, to carry out large-scale publicity about The Yang is the new ambassador, the slogan is: ; (rivers and lakes rumors)
compared to more than two of the creators, I appreciate the mobile site who black hero.
8, boys turn, will become a female; girls turn, will become woman!
mm a university campus is a pointed iron fence,ベルスタッフ女性のジャケット Fujian, the above warning signs posters.
see warning signs of the language and mood, you know how China's university education has been bad.
9, three of us are reading MBA!
mm Shanghai launched 20,000 tuition for children 2 years of MBA education project, more than 700 children compete read, a white-collar workers have the pride of the language.
MBA will educate children how to properly urine and profit from their own excrement Why?
10, as the mayor should try to provide the public with a variety of services, but I am sorry, without including this one.
mm Andy ex-girlfriend Yu Kexin claimed Taipei Mayor Ma Ying-jeou is an ideal artificial insemination object, Ma responded.
if not artificial insemination, but directly open practice it?

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Anhui police 110 call the police charge a good Figure

Anhui police 110 call the police charge a good
Feng Zhang Comments: When people encounter difficulties, police need to charge, which is a , neat, is the team , a unified national service call 110, team, market share was a couple of alarm because of household chores dispute arrived at the scene, the face of an alarm the couple, reprimanded after a meal, received a 20 yuan,モンクレールブーツ,Belstaff Outlet is an unfamiliar number., due to poor quality of service, people want to police the couple was able to mediate, the results provoke a Dayton reprimanded, so it's very innocent 20 dollars to spend, reported television angrily complained to reporters of the lens, the parties make money from the police station claiming Wang Fuping instructor for 16 years, police who had never received the money, but timid glance , in answer to the statement with white, the result can only be reprimanded service refund.
Imagine if third-rate police station in the couple received a warning, not a rebuke, but agreeable to enlighten the couple, good mediation, the couple turn to anger to joy, longer be charged $ 20, let alone $ 20, is 100, the couple will be very happy, certainly not television reported, the police will thank the parties, service quality, and people are happy, so I pay for the people police the police sounds good!
Anhui police failed although the initial ice-breaking fees,モンクレール男性コート, but conscientiously sum up, improve service quality, is certainly successful,ベルスタッフメンズジャケット,ベルスタッフ女性のジャケット Fujian, must be able to regain lost market, we should learn from the advantages,モンクレールメンズベスト, make full use of their advantages (food tax,モンクレール レディース コート, orthodox), to develop business, to provide people with convenient, fast and efficient out of the police service we want to abandon those of their own shortcomings, as the police man of God, emergency alarm people are anxious, in particular, to put an end to rebuke alarm people, police indifference towards unhealthy people, in particular work, we should conscientiously do not push the three-putted four, the fastest person to complete the requested service alarm, put an end to harsh treatment and work objects to our genuine alarm for each person's confidence in the potential, I emphasize the following points .....( simulation leadership lecture)
Since we do not know the specific whereabouts of our taxes, so we have nothing to taxpayers concepts, always feel there is no pay, service is not good not good trouble, because there is no pay, the police are also services reluctantly, the right people for the rich quality of service significantly higher than when no money, no power to be better, attitudes of the more, you see that couple Anhui, if not for the pay of 20 dollars, not to reprimand reprimanded, and how the nerve to complain people do. sincerely hope that our people to develop the police as soon as possible standard charge, improve service quality, in good faith to do something for the people, the people of this money is not bad, although we have to pay once for your money, but we do not care about the second time, as long as you can have a good work in China Telecom is the instance of their equipment, houses, people, people in the restructuring before the money already paid once,モンクレール 激安 "Hey Mao, but as far as possible telecommunications services to meet the needs of the people will care more out of points the telephone to get through, not dropped, no noise.
fishing fraternity on law enforcement to the fishing game, if you want to play with me, please click on the 20 | Fishing Shanghai decided to hook up to kneel like a
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Korean male citizens responsible for
an honest look at people actually have the county party secretary Bo 20 million deposit
see main article content rights and responsibilities statement: Feng Zhang Bo main blog page
Click for more exciting blog: Zhang Hongfeng Bo Wen list
Friends support you Bo, Bo Lord be thank
in this

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Wear lips, eye bottom with the quickest speed flash across on putting on heartache,ベルスタッフメンズジャケット we get together toda,モンクレール レディース ベスト, but when he sees the emperor release the sky cures for me of time, that puts on to love very quick of again drive wrath act for.
Although I know that putting to talk in this time isn't good,I still keep cannot helping but reminding 1:"Please don't describe with the mankind's language fix the queen of Luo's boundary."
"You shut up for me!" The evil absolute being very gnashes the teeth with hatred of looking at me, the finger tip is inside out, a heavy regiment closely of needle rain then inherit to me.
Black hair light Yang, once the long sleeve flick, needle rain didn't°yet the near body be then released for a sky by the emperor, entire number blocks bottom.
"Li Xin, obedient, such as if you render unto my lunch box of Long Shen's body to do now what haven't taken place.You can leave,Belstaff Outlet online fashion magazines for men, as long as no longer do evil things in times before such as that sort can."The emperor releases for a sky, smoothly looking at him, that shape was like a pole the younger generation for the elder of kindly is persevering of teaching and advising Wei.
That sort is gentle and soft, don't take any tone for blaming.
The evil absolute being looking at him, is one Leng first,ベルスタッフ, immediately after and then picked an eyebrow eye to peep out some smiling faces of innocent and some bear pondering abouts.
" Sky, you have to know I dislike most of would is you this to talk with me with the tone like this.You to everybody is so, I discover not I and you those are the multitudes to have a dissimilarity."The Rao is such, evil absolute being but moved to my body of look in the eyes gradually up:"Wanting me to accept a hand can also, as long as you killed you after death that fix the woman of Luo's boundary, I then pass Long Shen and pass fix Luo's boundary!"
"That woman in the days to come I from visit relatives hand solution, at present I fix Luo's boundary is also need not you to pass ……" sword of Xuan Yuan keeps the vest of arriving the evil absolute being, the Mo Ke Yang lips after death and slowly shows a body at him, "I feel evil absolute being at present still imprecation originally the absolute being gentleman pass you is good."
"Is impossible!You is how the tie of the break out of mirror demon?!"The moment that shows a body in the Mo Ke, the evil absolute being suddenly stares big eye, can not believe of see to it is penned in times before of place.
Red black dress, take an uncanny smile, gradual disappear.
"It originally and unexpectedly is a substitute."Evil absolute being tiny Zheng, mumbling way.
"Originally do these tie up on the Human body to deliver painful thing, unexpectedly is a mirror demon?,Belstaff!"I squint and stretch out a palm to make an effort of clap to the crystal fragment on the body, the blood in big slice of red immediately sprays to flow out but.
I say that the fox releases a sky with that emperor how the meeting so weakly get hurt, think come to that should be that they compulsorily flounce the time of durance and use the cause that the divine power harmed those mirror demons just.
But this how many guys again is when discover these different, again is when established trap to guide the evil absolute being appears,モンクレール アウトレット, the emperor releases a sky again is how to lend the sword of Xuan Yuan and the hand of Mo Ke?,モンクレール 日本 bruised!
And most decisive of is ……
"The emperor releases a sky,モンクレールブーツ!!!"I hold the bow of shooting the day and looking at him curved curved of eyebrow eye, particularly cloud thin breeze light of openings:"Emperor good stratagem in sky, not only connect evil absolute being be calculated into, even this queen also unconsciously matched with you to do this bait."
The emperor released a sky to blink to wink, the facial expression on the face was innocent as well as sincere:"Queen's dying for principle will certainly spread historic will long be remembered by posterity."
"This queen feels that such as if plus again for a sky, the heroic sacrifice of emperor, this time battle will certainly increase brilliancy more."
The this fellow isn't a fox but more deceitful than fox 1,100 times, Wen Run is like the outward appearance of jade however is the appearance that cheats people of this world just.
This I already familiar

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Flowers open in the summer really is coming ~ ~

Then, after more than a month ,モンクレール 日本 bruised, LG has been busy after coming back , like a small bee ,ベルスタッフメンズジャケット, Oh,Moncler, but really fun too,モンクレールメンズベスト! Brief parting ,モンクレール アウトレット Paris, it is a good thing .
Open the window was frozen to death in winter flowers,Belstaff Outlet, now revived ,モンクレール メンズダウンジャケット, also opened a lot of flowers
This took 3 days off ,モンクレール男性ベスト, what a pity

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celebrity fashion games Quake inspires Scribe amp39reinvigorati

celebrity fashion games Quake inspires Scribe amp39reinvigorationamp39 Celebrity and Fashion media,モンクレール男性ベスト
celebrity fashion

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